La Louisianne Consulting


Helping clients successfully navigate the maze of politics and policy


La Louisianne has extensive connections in communities of color throughout the State of Louisiana. Our culturally relevant messaging is guided by relational and grassroots organizing through decades of building trust and respect. We have more than 40 years of focus groups, message testing and media messaging expertise, combined with traditional and current technological methodologies to ensure your message reaches the right audience and resonates.

A deep understanding of grassroots community organizing and culturally relevant messaging

Problem solving is La Louisianne’s singular obsession. The focus is on the simplification of highly nuanced policy and processes by leveraging relationships. Futuristic thinking, a key differentiator in
developing solutions for the complex agendas of state and local governments, is hardwired into our DNA.

A Single Purpose to Drive Unprecedented Value through Problem Solving

La Louisianne is a people-oriented, relationship building firm. We nurture a high influence, high integrity relational culture that is reflected in our interactions with political and business leaders across industries and “aisles”. These traits are what set us far and above our peers . We are change agents who leverage relationships and expertise to get the job done.

Nurturing a High Influence, High Integrity Culture


Government Affairs/Public Policy
Grassroots Advocacy
Lobbying/Negotiating Skills
Regulatory Affairs/Compliance
Legislative Expertise/Congressional Affairs
Crisis Management/Corporate Strategy
Innovative Problem Solving
State Government Advocacy
Tactical & Strategic Planning
Media, Community & Industry Relations
Issues Management/Project Management
Coalition Building
Able to work effectively “both sides of the aisle”
Political Fundraising/PAC Management


Not only do we have the ability to open doors, we have the expertise to craft and execute your message to ensure maximum impact to your target audience. With wide-ranging experience in television, direct mail, social media, print and radio; we are your one stop shop for all marketing, public relations and business solutions.


Every day we tap our vast network of contacts to gather valuable and useful information about important developments throughout the state. We continuously enhance existing relationships while building new ones with the ever changing world of important governmental and business leaders.


Our team works with our clients to construct a thorough plan of action that lays out your specific short -term and long-range goals with the ability to achieve those goals. In short, we are successful when you are successful.